Local Governing Body

Attleborough Academy joined the Sapientia Education Trust on 1 June 2020. The Trustees have overall Governance however, each of the schools within the Trust has a Local Governing Body in place with the purpose of monitoring and providing productive challenge to each of the schools and their school leaders.

Although the Local Governing Body is constituted in an advisory capacity to the Sapientia Education Trust, it plays a crucial and essential role in raising attainment and achievement of Attleborough Academy through:

  • monitoring the academic performance of the Academy
  • holding managers to account
  • supporting the Academy students and staff

The members of the Attleborough Academy Local Governing Body are:

  • Mrs Frances Harrod (Chair)
  • Mr Edward Tyrer (Vice-Chair)
  • Mr Neil McShane (Executive Principal of Attleborough Academy)
  • Mrs Suzanne Bisley
  • Mr James Dunne
  • Mr Daniel Howe-Li-Rocchi
  • Mr Anthony Perkins
  • Mrs Sarah Reynolds

As of April 2021, there currently exists a vacancy for a Staff Governor. An election process will take place during the Summer Term 2021 to fill these vacancies.

The Local Governing Body may be contacted in the following ways:

By Letter:  Marked Private and Confidential to the Chair of the Local Governing Body) c/o Kim Evans, PA to the Executive Principal, Attleborough Academy, 9 Norwich Road, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2AJ

By Email:  office@attleboroughacademy.org

By Telephone:  01953 452335

LGB Information

Prior to 1 June 2020, Attleborough Academy was part of the Norfolk Academies Multi-Academy Trust. For information relating to Norfolk Academies Annual Reprts and Financial Statements, Norfolk Academies Value for Money Statements, Norfolk Academies Funding Agreement and Norfolk Academies Memorandum and Articles of Association, please contact the Transforming Education in Norfolk Group (the TEN Group).

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