Following the Academy’s transfer to Sapientia Education Trust on 1 June 2020, a small number of policies are currently under review. Any reference to the TEN Group or Norfolk Academies in the policies below are therefore invalid.

Please contact the Academy Office on 01953 452335 or email office@attleboroughacademy.org should you require a printed copy of any of the Academy policies.

Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy

Biometric Information Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy

Complaints Policy

All complaints will be handled seriously and sensitively. They will be acknowledged within five working days, if received during term time, and as soon as practicable during holiday periods. It is in everyone’s interest to resolve a complaint as speedily as possible.

Should a complaint be received by letter, email or by telephone during any holiday period, please be aware that the relevant staff may not become aware of the complaint until their return to the Academy after the holiday and will respond as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Catch-Up Premium

Data Protection Policy

Designated Teacher for Looked-After and Previously Looked After Policy

Emergency Academy Closure Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Health and Safety

Home Academy Agreement

Personal Information Charter

Premises Management Policy

Provider Access Policy Statement

Pupil Premium Policy

Register of Students’ Attendance Policy

Safeguarding Incorporating Child Protection Policy

Sex and Relations Education Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Statement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Staff

Student Acceptable Use Agreement and ICT Code of Conduct

Student Behaviour and Discipline Policy (including Exclusion Process Protocol)

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

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