Vision, Mission and Values

We believe that all children and young people have the right to be healthy, happy and safe, to be loved, valued and respected and to have high aspirations for their future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best we can, to have aspirational, happy and successful students and to have inspirational, happy and successful staff.

Our Mission

Attleborough Academy is:

  • a place of excellence where children can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development
  • a caring place where children and adults feel they make a contribution and are valued as individuals, a truly inclusive community where all children and staff feel safe, secure, happy and valued irrespective of their background or academic ability
  • a place of strong core values where children learn respect for themselves and others and develop a love of learning
  • a partnership between children, parents, staff and council members and the community as a whole


Our values use the word CARE as an acronym:

Commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do
 We care about our own learning and development

Acknowledgement of the efforts and achievements of others
  We care about the achievements and contributions of others

Respect and courtesy towards each other and the Academy environment
  We care about the effect of our actions on others and on the environment

Excellence in all that we do
We care about achieving high standards of work, behaviour, punctuality and presentation

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Attleborough Academy is currently closed and only open for some Year 10 and some Year 12 students. If your child is expected to be in school, we will have contacted you directly. Please read our position on wider opening for more details. We are also maintaining the supervision of children of Key Workers. All other students will continue to have work set using ClassCharts and study from home. Any parent or carer who is a Key Worker and due to possible shift changes may require childcare provision can visit our Contact Us page for support. Please email queries to