STUDENTS! Get ready for assemblies and the AA Enrichment Challenge!

Since lockdown began, teachers have done a great job of enabling you to make progress with your academic work and the SST have been fantastic at providing support for individual needs.  

We are now settled enough to provide the final piece of the lockdown jigsaw which is to offer students a chance to engage in form times and assemblies. We hope this will help you feel less alone and more able to keep in touch with your friends, your form and your form tutor.

The first of these assemblies will be on Monday at 11am and will be taken by your progress leader.

In order to get to the assembly, we need you to do a bit of setting up on a program called “Microsoft Teams

Please watch the video below to see how to do this on your Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC or Laptop

Click here to download Microsoft Teams!

View the Video

Assemblies and Form Activities

Assemblies for your year group will happen once a fortnight (15th June, 29th June and 17th July) at  11 am.

You will also have form time once a week. The date and time for this will be sent from your form tutor.

Microsoft teams can also be used to teach you lessons

Many of your teachers may also start using Microsoft Teams to teach you live lessons, so this is a great opportunity to practice how it works!

The Enrichment Challenge

You are also going to be set some challenges by your progress leader, form tutor, and senior prefects in your form; ensure you are there to help your house win!

Letter sent to students

For more information about this, please see the letters sent home to students below

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