Design Technology

Course description 

Design Technology

Design and Technology is an essential part of a balanced National Curriculum. It prepares students to appreciate and use effectively modern technologies that will improve their quality of life and employability.

Design and Technology calls for students to become creative problem solvers as individuals and as members of a team. The subject combines practical skills with an understanding of social and environmental issues as well as industrial practices and processes. Food Technology also helps to develop life skills and a greater understanding of a healthy balanced diet.

All of our students are given the opportunity to develop their problem-solving and practical skills. This is achieved through practical focus tasks and design projects using a variety of materials and industrial processes. There is an excellent suite of work areas which provide students with a pleasant and safe environment in which to work.

Course structure 

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a carousel of Technology specialists in Food and Nutrition, Product Design, and Graphic Products.

In Years 10 and 11, students are able to opt for GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition or GCSE Design and Technology, where they have the opportunity to specialise in chosen materials.

Product Design is also offered at A2 Level.


Homework at KS3 level is set to build up a student’s knowledge and skills and can form a mixture of research, practical and theory work. Homework is set on a weekly basis and some tasks are set to help them prepare for the following set of lessons. Some of the homework is contained within homework booklets for students to complete or within their main work booklet.

At key Stage 4 level, some homework is set to practice exam technique and questioning; some preparation aspects of non-exam assessment may also be set as homework for year 11 students.

Books, Equipment, Materials and Resources Recommended/Needed 

At GCSE Level, students are encouraged to purchase specialist equipment from the individual areas of Design and Technology. Individual teachers will provide a materials list at the start of courses for students to select from.

Opportunities For Study Beyond Key Stage 4 

We offer the A Level Design Technology: Product Design course which comprises A2 level.  During this two year course students will undertake theory and practical elements which will help to prepare them for their final examination.

Beyond Key Stage 5, there are many university courses available to students with Design and Technology qualifications including Product Design, 3D Design, Furniture Design, Engineering, Set Design, Architecture and Graphic Communication.

Career Opportunities Supported By This Subject 

There are a wide variety of careers related to Design and Technology.  Examples are carpentry, illustration, graphic design, fashion design, chefs and food production, food service, product development and event co-ordinators.

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