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AA’s Computing department will equip students with the Computational Thinking and Logical thinking skills that will set them up for the workplace of the future, where computers, software and artificial intelligence will have a greater role in running the world. These skills prepare students with the skills to approach problems of the future with confidence, decompose them, spot patterns, develop algorithms to help solve them and create abstractions and generalisations to use and develop software and technology in a way that will enable them to work smarter, not harder.

AA’s Computing department is led by subject specialists with a particular interest in tangible computing and encourages students to get a more “hands on” experience with these abstract concepts, by providing a curriculum that is visual, as well as theoretical and rigorous to provide a digitally literate workforce for the future; by offering both IT and Computer Science routes into future education. 

Computing has deep links with Mathematics, Science and Design Technology, and the department will use opportunities throughout to teach concepts of these to students, encouraging students to see the utility of Technology in every-day life, allowing them to evaluate the software and tools available to them effectively to make their lives easier. 

AA’s Computing department will build resilient and tenacious learners, who view failure as an opportunity, and as such will encourage students to reach their own answer, rather than provide them with the “right” way. 


Information Technology is included in the KS3 Computing Curriculum. Please visit the Computer Science page for more information.


At GCSE, students have the option of which pathway they wish to follow in Computing; Computer Science or IT/iMedia

Computer Science Pathway
Computer Science is more about understanding how computers work and how they can be controlled by programming them. Computer Science will teach students the hardware components of computers and how they work, as well as networks, security and algorithms. Information about the CS pathway can be found on the Computer Science page
IT/iMedia Pathway
IT/iMedia is about the use of computers and software to complete tasks. iMedia is a creative option which will teach students how to use software to complete tasks such as game design, image manipulation and website design. Information about the IT/iMedia Pathway can be found below

GCSE Creative iMedia

Course Information


OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia L1/l2

Assessment Weighting

25% Exam 75% Coursework

Exam 1: R081 Pre-Production Skills 25%

Coursework 1: R082 Creating Digital Graphics 25%

Coursework 2: R083 Creating 2D and 3D Digital Characters 25%

Coursework 3: R092 Developing Digital Games 25%

SoW and Sequence

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 10 R081 LO1 – Understand the purpose and content of pre-production R081 LO2 – Be able to plan pre-production R081 LO3 – Be able to produce pre-production documents R081 LO4 – Be able to review pre-production documents R083 – Creating 2D and 3D Digital Graphics
Year 11 R092 – Developing Digital Games R082 – Creating Digital Graphics Revision

Further Education/Job Destinations:

Creative iMedia opens routes into IT courses, as well as art and graphic design education including the following:

  • A-Level Computer Science
  • Cambridge Technical in IT
  • A-Level/Vocational Media Studies
  • A-Level/Vocational Graphic Design/Product Design
  • Other specialist routes (Games design, animation, web design etc)
  • Apprenticeships in Marketing/Graphics Design/Social Media etc

Creative iMedia keeps open doors in traditional IT occupations, teaching transferable IT skills and Computer Skills that are necessary in any job, as well as opportunities in Design and Marketing:

Prospects include, but are not limited to:

  • Graphic Design
  • Games Character Design
  • Digital Marketing/Social Media
  • Website Design


Coursework must be completed within lesson, therefore homework will be set for 1 hour per fortnight revising R081 exam content

Revision Resources/Textbooks

OCR Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia L1/2 Pre Production Skills and Creating Digital Graphics
Kevin Wells
Hodder Education
ISBN: 978-1471886683

iMedia Revision Guide

KS5 (A-Level)

We offer Computer Science A-Level and Cambridge Technical Information Technology at our Sixth Form. For more information, visit our Sixth Form Site

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