Physical Education

Course description 

The course consists of four units:

Unit R051       Contemporary issues in Sport

Unit R052        Developing Sports Skills

Unit R053        Sports Leadership

Unit R056       Developing Knowledge and Skills in Outdoor Activities

Pupils complete practical and written tasks and must provide suitable evidence of knowledge and understanding through the set tasks and assignments.Course structure 

The course is 75% coursework with tasks set within the four units studied.

  • RO51 Contemporary issues in Sport

           This is an examination unit that counts for 25% of the total course. 

  • R052 Developing sporting skills.By completing this unit, learners will develop their skills, techniques and use of tactics/strategies/ compositional ideas in both an individual and a team sporting activity, as well as their understanding of the rules to allow them to act in a number of officiating roles within an activity. They will also consider the use of different practice methods in order to improve their performance. The unit builds upon the core themes of the National Curriculum for Physical Education in Key Stages 3 and 4 and offers learners the opportunity to refine and showcase skills developed as part of that programme of study.
  • R053 Sports LeadershipBy completing this unit, learners will develop some of the knowledge, understanding and practical skills required to be an effective sport leader and plan, deliver and review safe and effective sporting activity sessions themselves. They will be encouraged to consider and evaluate their delivery and by doing so develop their ability to communicate with an audience verbally and through practical demonstration, and adapt to developing situations and the different needs and abilities of those they are leading.
  • R054 Developing Knowledge and Skills in Outdoor ActivitiesBy completing this unit, learners will know about the range of outdoor activities that are available in the UK and be able to identify organisations that provide access to these activities. They will also be able to appreciate the reasons why people become involved in these activities and the risks they face when participating. Learners will consider how to plan an outdoor activity and be able to participate in one. They will gain an understanding of health and safety and risk assessments in outdoor scenarios, of detailed planning for a group activity with multiple variables, and they will develop their communication, decision making and leadership skills in challenging scenarios and environments.
  • Percentage of the 1 / 2  Cambridge National Award in Sport StudiesThe four units make up 100% of the 1 / 2  Cambridge National Award in Sport Studies course
  • Key objectives
  • Well-presented work, which is linked coherently to the activities selected
  • Linking the assessment criteria to their completed tasks using assignment briefs.
  • Application of theory knowledge to written tasks.

What you can do to help

Check your child’s homework diary to ensure tasks are being completed and monitor the tasks they are completing via the briefs set.

When will parents be informed of problems?

Parents will be informed of any problems during the completion of specific tasks if work is not completed appropriately or punctually.

How parents can help with coursework/Controlled Assessment

Parents can help to encourage students by showing interest and discussing their coursework, by checking their homework diaries and ensuring that tasks are being completed by the date set

Guidance given to students

Guidance is given to students by the member of staff taking theory for the PEP, and by PE staff for practical activities.

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