What should I do if…

I have a safeguarding issue?

Please inform our safeguarding team at the Academy by filling out the form here: Report Safeguarding Concern or Incident.

My child is unwell and cannot attend the Academy?

Please telephone the Student Absence Line on 01953 450340 before 08.30 and leave a message, including your child’ name, form and the reason for the absence. Please ring each day of an absence. When your child returns to the Academy, please provide medical evidence if applicable, to support your child’s absence. Please encourage your child to achieve 100% attendance.

My child has a dental or medical appointment during school hours?

Please inform the Office, on 01953 453225 or office@attleboroughacademy.org, in advance, if possible, and provide a copy of the appointment confirmation for Academy records. If you wish your child to leave the Academy to meet you for an appointment, you will need to provide written or verbal authorisation.

My child has lost their Student Handbook?

Your child should tell their Form Tutor. Replacement Handbooks can be purchased from Student Reception at a cost of £3.00. Students are expected to have their Student Handbook with them at all times!

My child has lost their tie?

Your child should inform their Form Tutor and they will be issued with a Uniform Pass.

There was an incident on the County coach whilst travelling to the Academy?

Please contact the Office on 01953 452335 and advise us what has happened. Also please also contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020, as they are responsible for the coaches.

I need to speak to someone about my child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs?

Please contact Student Support on studentsupportteam@attleboroughacademy.org

My child has lost something?

Please encourage your child to look for the item by re-tracing their steps. If they cannot find the item then please ask to check with Student Reception and if still unsuccessful, to go to Lost Property. Lost Property is located between Mobiles 10 and 11 and is open at lunchtimes. In our experience, items that are clearly named are normally returned to the student via notification to their Form Tutor that the item has been found. It is therefore advised that all of your child’s uniform and property are clearly named.

My child is being bullied over the internet outside of the Academy?

Please inform the Academy via the link below: https://www.attleboroughacademy.org/student-support-team/where-can-i-get-help/

I am having difficulty loading money onto Wisepay for my child’s lunch?

Cash can be brought to Student Reception at morning break to be loaded onto your child’s Wisepay account. There is a safety buffer of £2.20 on your child’s account for school meals. If issues persist, please contact our Finance Department on finance@attleboroughacademy.org or ring the Office on 01953 452335.

Who do I contact if…

  • Something has happened to my child outside of the Academy that I think the Academy should know about
  • My child has a detention and I would like to know why
  • My child has a red/yellow card but I do not understand why
  • I have received a letter about my child’s attendance and have a query about it
  • I have a query about my child’s behaviour
  • My child is being bullied
  • My child has a broken leg and cannot walk up stairs
  • My child has lost clothing or property in the Academy and has been unsuccessful in following the advice shown above

Please contact a member of the Student Support Team on 01953 450342 or email studentsupportteam@attleboroughacademy.org

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