We offer a range of different types of course, from our “Access to Attleborough” course, which could be for you if you haven’t quite met the entry requirements, to A-Levels, Cambridge Technicals and Diplomas.

Course Types

A-Level and Level 3 CoursesA-Level and Level 3 CoursesAccess 2 Attleborough (A2A)Access 2 Attleborough (A2A)Entry RequirementsEntry Requirements

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What’s the difference between A-Level and other course types?

The main difference between different types of course is the style of assessment you prefer and what your future ambition is.

A-Level Qualifications generally have a higher exam content, so more of the final grade is determined by your exam performance. A-Levels are also more widely (an internationally) recognised, meaning that gaining an A-Level may be more important if you wanted to progress to university. A-Levels are graded from A* – U. Many universities take A-Level Grades as an entry requirement (e.g. Require an A in English Literature) or have a requirement of a certain number of UCAS points. Each A-Level grade you are awarded is converted into a a number of UCAS points and combined with all subjects to see if you have met the requirements. You can use an A-Level to UCAS points converter is below.

Cambridge Technical and other “Level 3” courses are sometimes called “applied” or “vocational” courses. This means they typically have a combination of Exam and Non-Examined Assessment (i.e Coursework). They are equivalent to an A-Level, however not every university accepts them in the entry requirements (although the vast majority do). Vocational courses are graded from Distinction* – U. These vocational courses are measured in length (Guided Learning Hours, to GLH) and the GLH converts into UCAS points. You can calculate how many UCAS points a grade in each vocational subject is worth using the calculator below:

Grade to UCAS Points Converter
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