Student Council

Student Council is your opportunity to have your say!

Every term during form time, your form tutor or the prefects in your form will ask for your opinions.

These then get sent to your Year 11 student house leaders look through all of the ideas from every form in the house and take these ideas to the Student Council, which is lead by Mr. McShane, Mr. Barns and Miss. Parks and decisions can be made on the solutions to your ideas.

You can have your say under the following categories:

Student Achievement

This is where you can have a say about how you are recognised and rewarded for doing good work and contributing to the school community. Or maybe you or one of your friends have done something amazing outside of school, for example a sporting achievement, or helping your local community. You can mention it here and get it recognised!


This is where you can come up with ideas for how your form group, house or the school as a whole can fundraise for charities. Each house has their own nominated charity, as voted for by the form groups in the house, and you can come up with fundraising ideas to help support those charities.

Student Learning

This is where you can have your say on your learning, and give suggestions for how it can be improved.

Student Behaviour

This is where you can have your say about the behaviour system at the school, and make your form tutor aware of any issues in particular classes, or at break and lunchtime.

Student Welfare

This is where you can have your say on your welfare. Maybe we can do more to help you be happy and support you though school. This is where you can raise issues or suggestions.

Site and Maintenance

This is where you can have your say about the school site itself. This could be anything from the toilets to the playground to the classrooms themselves.


This is where you can have your say about the food in the canteen and snack shack, including eating and socialising areas at break and lunch times.

Health and Safety

This is where you can raise any concerns or suggestions you have for making the school a safer place to be.

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