Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

Curriculum Content Overview

At Attleborough Academy, the emotional, mental and physical health of our students is at the forefront of our day to day interactions with them. PSHCE comprises the statutory components of Personal Social Health Education and add to them a core Citizenship value.

In PSHCE we aim to help our students develop an increased awareness and understanding of a detailed area of knowledge relating to Health issues like drugs, relationships and sex education, mental health, healthy lifestyles and work/ play balance.

Specific lessons on Personal issues like goal setting and self-awareness, self-esteem, relationships, emotional and mental health interventions, duty of care, child protection, safety and safeguarding as it relates to online and offline life, including issues such as cyber bullying and peer on peer bullying.

We explore Social issues in relationships, which include family, friends and the workplace, how this may relate to people with disabilities and others with protected characteristics. We want our students to be Emotionally literate by supporting personal and social development and encouraging them to be resilient, be positive and develop high self-esteem and confidence.

Discovering and being introduced to aspect of Economic Wellbeing and the world of work, how it may feel like to find a job, whilst helping them discover what they would love to do with a life of work. Giving students time explore their own feelings and thoughts as well as developing emotional empathy.

In the Citizenship aspect of PSHCE we look at British values and our shared beliefs, focusing on areas around race, gender, sexuality in an effort to create a ‘Character of tolerance’ in our students. Also in looking at laws around consent and relationships, where to go to for advice and help in difficult situations.

Underneath the knowledge driven curriculum is a more holistic softer seam of learning around feelings, change, fear and Mindfulness. With practical advice and skills that will slowly build into a toolkit for wellbeing that the student can take into their future.]


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