Summer School

Attleborough Academy Summer School

This statement details the summer school provision typically delivered in July. The objectives of our Summer School are always to support the transitioning Year 6 pupils from our feeder schools who have been identified as having gaps in literacy and/or numeracy.

In July 2021 we also invited students who had been identified as being negatively impacted due to the Covid pandemic. The Summer School 2021 took place over five days from 26 July to 30 July 2021. We invited 47 students, 12 of whom were Pupil Premium, with a total of 29 students attending, 5 of whom were Pupil Premium. 

The overall cost of our provision was £5,275.60; this funding was used to provide three members of teaching staff, two literacy specialists and a numeracy specialist, plus a further member of staff as a 1:1 for a student with an EHCP. Additional uses of the funding included catering for the 5 day period and resources such as printing, ice breaker activities and stationery.  

The students were welcomed to Attleborough Academy with a 5 day programme of literacy, numeracy and transition activities. Each morning, the students spent 90 minutes working on literacy, 90 minutes working on numeracy, followed by an afternoon of activities based around getting to know the school site, staff and each other. 

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