Parent Council (Parent Focus Group)

The Parent Council of Attleborough Academy are a group of parent volunteers who are interested in providing support to the Academy by being part of consultations about school life and relevant changes.

As a parent or carer, you will know that one of our Core Values (the “C” in the acronym of CARE) is a ‘Commitment to continuously improve’ and in this vein we run:

  • a Student Council which seeks the views for improvement from all students;
  • a Staff Council which is a formalised meeting of staff representative and union representatives and 
  • a Parent Council which up to now, has been a meeting of our senior Pastoral staff with those parents and carers who had agreed to be part of a group who we could use as a consultative body when we wished to make changes to school operations. 

Based on the success of this group and in line with the Trust wide initiative of consulting with parents and carers in a more focussed way, we are strengthening this body to become more of a larger Parent Focus Group.

Becoming involved in this group will not be too onerous on time or commitment as we shall hold only four of these meetings each academic year and will not be giving parents or carers any tasks to take away or follow up. The discussions in the meeting will be led by the Executive Principal we will simply only seek your views on topics. Similar to our previous Parent Council interactions, these topics will cover areas such as:

  • Consultation on key school policies
  • Site development
  • Community engagement
  • School operations
  • Proposals from staff and student councils for continuous improvement of the school 

This will be an exciting opportunity for home and school to work together with the aim of continually improving our school for the benefit of all our students as well as the school community as a whole. 

If you would like more information about joining the Parent Council then please email or leave a message with the Academy Office by telephoning 01953 452335.

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