Policy Consultations

Admissions Policy

Attleborough Academy is consulting on its Admissions Policy 2024 and will follow the consultation timeline as shown below. You can see a copy of the draft Admissions Policy by clicking here

Consultation Timeline 
Consultation opens on Friday 4 November 2022
Consultation closes on Friday 16 December 2022
Trust Board meet to ratify Admissions Policy 2024 in February 2023
Admissions Policy 2024 published in March 2023

Why is there a consultation taking place? 
Sapientia Education Trust (SET) is the Admissions Authority for Attleborough Academy who is a member of the Trust. This means that the Board of Trustees are required to review our Admissions Policy every seven years. 

What would we like to change? 
Following a review of Governance arrangements across the Trust, Trustees agreed on changes to the Governance structures which took effect from September 2022. This meant that the Local Governing Body arrangements were disbanded from 1 September 2022 and therefore, reference to the Local Governing Body has been removed from the Admissions Policy. 

There are no other proposed changes to our current admission arrangements. 

How can I respond? 
Please submit any response using the following methods: 

In writing 
Attleborough Academy, 9 Norwich Road, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2AJ 

Email office@attleboroughacademy.org 

Thank you for taking the time to read the information above and participating in this consultation.

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