Transition Hub

Welcome to the Transition Hub, here you can find the information you need ahead of joining us in September. Some areas of this site are still under construction, but check back here after GCSE results day for all the information you need ahead of the first day of term.

As you get ready for September, it's helpful to know what's coming - what things you might need to buy, what arrangements you need to make for transport, and the day-to-day information that many people worry about before starting. The sections below aim to cover all of the questions we regularly get asked, and a few that we don't but that people need to know anyway.

Results Day and Enrolment

We are here to help.

Results day can be a stressful experience for everybody, particularly if what comes out of the envelope isn't exactly as you had hoped. The Sixth Form team will be on site from GCSE results day and then throughout the remainder of the holiday, so if you need help or support we will be here.

GCSE Results are typically released by schools at or around 9am. This year, Attleborough Students will be able to collect their results from 9am in the Main Hall, and the Sixth Form team will be available from that time for discussions about courses, enrolment, or other advice and guidance.

You can book an enrolment meeting via this link, or you can join the queue on the morning of results day. If you're going to be on holiday, then the booking system allows you to book online appointments if that would be most convenient.

For students in Year 11 at other schools or academies, you can arrive from 10am to enrol in person, or you can book an appointment via this link.

Subject Blocking

It is something that we work very hard on every year, but no matter how hard we try, it's unfortunately very rarely possible to make it so that all students can study exactly the subjects they want to. Below is our blocking, that has been constructed to give as many students as possible, the subjects they want to study based on the applications we have received.

If the subjects you want to study don't fit into these blocks, please get in touch with Mr Cole, who can arrange to talk with you about alternatives, but who can also investigate whether there are any workarounds that could enable you to take a set of options that don't appear to fit.

You can only select one option from each block, and you should have selected at least 3 subjects - Further Maths can only be selected as a 4th subject.

Block A Block B Block C Block D Block E

Art & Design

Computer Science

Maths Further

Media Studies



English Literature

Health & Social Care



Product Design

Sport (Triple)






Forensic Investigation




Sport (Single)


English Language & Literature


Sport (Double)

Getting Prepared

For most students, success at Level 3 is down to one thing: effective preparation. Whether that is ahead of the first lesson, ahead of subsequent lessons, or ahead of each exam. With that in mind, now is the time to do the (easy) preparation work, of getting together the right equipment, so that you can hit the ground running in September.

You should have the following basic equipment, alongside any subject specific kit listed in the section below:

  • For each subject: a lever-arch file
  • For each lever-arch file: a set of 10+ dividers
  • A well-stocked stationery kit: a couple of packs of black and multi-coloured biro/gel-pens, multi-colour pack of highlighters, post-its/post-it labels, pencils/ruler/eraser etc.
  • Clear pencil case for exams
  • Notepads - A4 / not spiral-bound
  • Subject specific equipment as below

Subject Resources

Subject Equipment

Art & Design

A3 Sketchbook [Can be ordered through the department]

Set of good quality drawing pencils [Required]

Art supplies to suit your interests


Calculator (Scientific) [Required]


Calculator (Scientific) [Required]


Calculator (Scientific) [Required]

Computer Science

Calculator (Scientific) [Required]

Revision Guide - £17.99 from Amazon [Required]

Textbook - £35 from Amazon [Recommended]

Access to a PC or Laptop that you can install software on - including ThonnyPyCharm Community Edition, IntelliJ Community Edition, Java Runtime EnvironmentJava Development Kit

DT (Prod Des)

Set of good quality drawing and coloured pencils [Required]

Set of fineliners [Required]

Textbook - £40 from Amazon [Recommended]

English Lang/Lit

Pocket Dictionary [Required]

English Literature

Pocket Dictionary [Required]


Calculator (Scientific) [Required]


Calculator (Scientific) [Required]

Health & Social Care

Calculator (Scientific) [Required]


The following revision guides: The Late Tudors, Russia, and the Witchcraze.

Pocket Dictionary


Calculator (Scientific) [Required] - FX-991CW 

Revision Guide - £18-£20 from Amazon - Also available from the Maths department 

Mathematics (Further)

(In addition to the resources for Mathematics)
Revision Guide - £18-£20 from Amazon - Also available from the Maths Department

Media Studies

Pocket Dictionary


Chosen instrument


Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm lens (minimum) [Required]

A3 Sketchbook [Can be ordered through the department]

Set of good quality drawing pencils [Required]


Calculator (Scientific) [Required]


Pocket Dictionary


Calculator (Scientific) [Required]


Pocket Dictionary

Sport (& Double/Triple)

Attleborough Sixth Form Sports Kit - Available from Birds of Dereham


Financial Support

More details of the financial support available while in the Sixth Form can be found on the financial support page. At this stage, if you are unsure of whether you would be eligible for financial support, please discuss this with a member of the Sixth Form team at your enrolment meeting. Below are some other useful links:


How you get to Sixth Form is important, we expect you to arrive on time each morning, but you will most likely have more freedom to leave earlier on certain days. Not only that, but at some point you will probably learn to drive while in the Sixth Form - and parking information is below!

Norfolk County Council Transport

If you currently use the Norfolk County Council school transport to get the Academy, you can continue to do so while you are in the Sixth Form. Applying for a pass is quite straightforward, routes, costs, and application forms can all be found here, on the council website.

Greater Anglia Rail

If you intend to use Greater Anglia rail to get to Sixth Form, it is worth looking at their School/College discounts page. For comparison, if travelling from Thetford to Attleborough, the daily cost of buying individual tickets would be £17 per day, from Wymondham £10.40 per day - a discounted pass reduces that to under £7 per day.

Attleborough Sixth Form Minibuses

For Watton, and villages not serviced by NCC buses, we operate three minibuses. Students from our Y11 cohort who used the minibus will have their place reserved for them, after this, places are offered on a first come-first served basis, with Sixth Form students taking priority over other students joining the main Academy. Please contact us to request a space on the minibus.

Learning to drive / Student Drivers / On-site parking

When students start learning to drive, they are likely to have some lessons start or end at the Academy. It is important that they please inform their instructors that they must not use the Academy driveway to start and end lessons - instead they should pickup/drop off in the Queen's Square Car Park.

When booking driving lessons, it is important for students to understand that this is not an approved educational activity - i.e. absences from Sixth Form for driving lessons will not be approved absences. Theory tests and practical tests, where choice of time is very limited, will be approved absences.

Students are able to park on site for free once they have passed their test. They will need to complete a short online form, which will be shared with them at the beginning of the year, and submit information about their car and copies of their license and insurance information. There is a set of rules they must follow to be allowed to park on site - and their parking pass can be revoked if those rules aren't followed.

Key Dates

Thursday 22 August

GCSE Results Day - Enrolment Opens

Friday 23 August

Enrolment appointments available

Tuesday 27 August

Enrolment appointments available

Wednesday 28 August

Enrolment appointments available

Wednesday 4 September

Enrolment appointments available

Thursday 5 September

First day of term - students should arrive in time for an 8:40 start in the Sixth Form block

Wednesday 11 September

Duke of Edinburgh Award Evening for Parents and Carers

Thursday 12 September

Individual School Photographs

Friday 27 September

Subject / Course Change deadline - subject changes cannot be made after this date

Student Transfer deadline - students cannot join the Sixth Form from other providers unless a meeting has been held with us by this date.

Monday 30 September

Welcome to Sixth Form - Parents' Information Evening (Online)

Wednesday 9 October

Settling-in Parents' Evening (in-person)

Friday 25 - Sunday 3 November

Autumn Half-Term Holiday

Monday 25 - Friday 29 November

Window for first formal progress assessments for Year 12

Monday 2 December

Sixth Form Christmas Meal - The Forum, Pizza Express

Friday 20 December

Last Day of Autumn Term

Wednesday 8 January

First Day of Spring Term

Saturday 15 - Sunday 23 February

Spring Half-Term

Tuesday 01 April

Sixth Form Staff and Student Quiz

Friday 4 April

Last day of Spring Term

Tuesday 22 April

First day of Summer Term

Saturday 24 May - Sunday 1 June

Summer Half-Term

Monday 16 - Friday 27 June

End of Year Exams

Monday 30 June - Friday 4 July

Work Experience Week

Monday 7 - Friday 11 July

Futures Week

Tuesday 22 July

Last day of Summer Term


Timetables and Timings of the Academy day

The Academy Day
Time Session
8:40 - 9:00 Form Time - all students are required to attend each day
09:00 - 10:00 Period 1
10:00 - 11:00 Period 2
11:00 - 11:20 Break
11:20 - 12:20 Period 3
12:20 - 13:20 Period 4
13:20 - 14:05 Lunch
14:05 - 15:05 Period 5
15:05 - 15:15 ERIC
15:15 - 16:15 Period 6 / Extra-Curricular


We operate a two-week timetable and students in the Sixth Form will have between 40 and 48 contact periods out of 50. This depends on the subjects they study and whether they take 3.5, 4, or 4.5 A-Level equivalent courses. Most students will take the equivalent of 3.5 and their timetable will be made up of 10 periods per subject (made up of taught periods and nominated study periods), a further 6 supervised study periods, 2 periods of volunteering, 1 of Tutorial, and then 2 periods of the Extended Project Qualification.

In addition to the above contact periods, they will also have a minimum of 4 reserved periods. These are periods on their timetable that they must be on site - and available to participate in additional mentoring, appointments, or study. Students who miss either a lesson (without valid reason provided in advance) or miss a deadline (having not sought an extension) will be required to attend the study centre during a reserved period to discuss this, and to catch up on the work missed.

In 2024/25 there will be no subject sessions taking place during Period 6. A calendar of extra-curricular activities taking place during P6 will be published in September. Between October half-term and the exams, subjects may run additional sessions (primarily aimed at Year 13) to support students with coursework, or other extension or catchup work. During this time, an additional Academy Minibus (late bus) will be available Tuesday-Thursday.

Pre-Course Reading and Tasks

Subject Reading and Tasks
Art & Design Download the pre-course tasks
Biology Download and complete this task, and optionally complete this task and transition document
Business Complete the Summer Reading PowerPoint - read the 5 articles and complete a SCORE and PESTLE analysis of the business or industry in the article.
Chemistry Download the course specification, and complete the preparation pack and transition task
Computer Science Download the pre-course activites and install the software on the resources section
DT (Prod Des) Download the pre-course activites
English Lang/Lit Download and complete the pre-course tasks
English Literature Download the wider reading list and look for opportunities to broaden your literature experience
Forensics Download the course specification and complete the transition task
Geography Download the resource and work booklet for the Volcanoes topic. 
Health & Social Care Download the pre-course activities
History Download the pre-course activities
Mathematics Download the skills for A-Level Maths document
Mathematics (Further)

Complete the baseline skills test 

Use Seneca or Dr Frost to practice the grade 8 and 9 topics from GCSE Higher Maths.

Media Studies

For three news stories between enrolment and the start of term, find the article on the topic written by the Guardian, and the equivalent article from the Daily Mail/Mail online. Compare the language used - and identify 3 bullet points for each pair of article:

- How is the language use different? include examples

- Explore the intention behind the language - what do you think is the intended impact on the reader?

- Why do you believe they have taken these different approaches?

Music Complete the personal skills audit.
Photography Download the pre-course tasks
Physics Login or create an account with Seneca - then complete the 'Preparing for AQA A-Level Physics' course.
Politics Download the pre-course activities and create an account on Politico and subscribe to the London Playbook newsletter
Psychology Download and complete the induction information and summer task (PDF Version)
Sociology Download the pre-course activities
Sport (& Double) Download the introduction to the three energy systems



Below are some frequently asked (and occasionally not asked) questions

What am I allowed to wear?

Our dress code is simple: if it would be acceptable in an office where staff wear casual workwear, then it is very likely to be accepted here. This is a school environment, and so suitable clothing won't include beachwear or clothing that could be mistaken for it, or for nightwear. Students studying Sport are expected to wear their Academy Sport kit on the days they are in that subject.  

Will I be able to buy food from the canteen on the first day?

If after enrolling your parents have logged in to their WisePay account (provided the day after enrolment) and topped it up, then yes!

When will I know my minibus pickup time?

We ask students who will be using our minibus for the first time in September to plan to make their own way to the Academy on the first two days of term. After that (most likely before) you will be contacted with your pickup time and place.

Will I have to be in every day?

Yes - you will have timetabled sessions each day, and you are expected to attend form time in the morning at 8:40. Early finishes (being able to go home before 3:15) will be authorised after October Half-Term.

What if I have no work to do in Study Sessions?

There is always work to do - at Level 3, you can't afford to wait to be taught everything when sat in a classroom. You need to revisit what you have already been taught, and read ahead so that you know what is coming next. "I've done it all" will never be an acceptable response.

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