The House System

Every student is part of their own House. The Houses compete against each other in the Olympiad. The Olympiad is a series of competitions throughout the year and across different subjects where points can be won.

The winning House is crowned in the finale of the year – Sports Day! Learn more about each House below.


Boudicca was a Celtic Queen of the Iceni Tribe who lived in Norfolk. She is famous for her fighting spirit and determination - never to give in to the Romans.

She is lauded for her bravery and endeavours and remains a significant historical figure to this day. Her courage is encapsulated in her final speech, recorded by the Roman historian, Dio Cassius:

‘I was whipped by the Romans when they tried to take our lands and now I am fighting for my freedom. Think how many of us are fighting and why. We must win this battle or die. Let the men live as slaves if they want. I will not'.

Boudicca House has a  reputation for being very competitive! We regularly excel on the sports field and in the class room, winning the Sports Day Cup and the House Cup many times in the past. We also believe in congeniality, working closely with other houses at the Academy to reach the common goal of great success in all that we do.

I am very proud to be your House Leader for Boudicca, a House that is friendly, positive thinking and adopts a growth mindset.

Mr Needs
Progress Leader for Boudicca House


Cavell House, also known as Team Green, is named after Edith Cavell a Norfolk born Nurse who showed extreme bravery in World War One.

Edith was famous for showing kindness and compassion to anyone who needed it and did not discriminate against people who needed help – she was arrested for helping injured German soldiers alongside the British ones but continued to believe that doing the right thing was the most important thing regardless of the consequences.

In Team Cavell, we value this compassion and morality. Our ‘shield’ shows two hands clasped together. This represents the kindness, support and connection that we show each other and, like Edith Cavell, extend to those beyond our team.

Cavell House may not win everything, often being more concerned with supporting others to focus on personal gain! We have our moments of glory however and love celebrating achievements and successes in our morning assemblies. We are the House that everyone is proud to be a part of.

Mrs Webb
Progress Leader for Cavell House


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Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson was born on 29 September 1758, at a rectory in Burnham ThorpeNorfolk, England. Nelson attended Paston Grammar SchoolNorth Walsham, until he was 12 years old, and attended King Edward VI's Grammar School in Norwich

Nelson followed his Uncle in joining the Royal Navy and rose rapidly through the ranks. He served with leading naval commanders of the period before obtaining his own command at the age of 20, in 1778.

His inspirational leadership, grasp of strategy, and unconventional tactics brought about a number of decisive British naval victories, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest naval commanders in history.

Nelson house has a rich history of success in both sports, the arts and academia. We consistently compete for the top position in the inter-house Olympiad competition, excelling in events ranging from inter-house sports, charity and creative writing. 

Members of Nelson house are supportive and fully endorse the Academy values of CARE. Nelson has a strong student body who strive to make positive impacts on Academy life. We have one of the two current Head Students in our House, proving that we want to contribute to Academy life wherever possible.

I am the longest running House Leader at the Academy and all of my time in this position I have been leader of Nelson! I am very proud and protective of all the members of Nelson house, both past and present. I especially enjoy seeing younger siblings of former Nelson students join the same House, having had the traditions passed down from older brothers and sisters. 

Nelson has a fantastic group of staff and students who all work together to achieve great things!

Mr Stott
Progress Leader for Nelson House
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