The Plus Programme

In addition to the formal academic curriculum, there will be a range of other courses and activities available through our Sixth Form+ programme.

The main elements comprise of:

  • Tutorial Programme
  • The Extended Project (Level 3)
  • Volunteering
  • Work Experience
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Additional tutoring and academic support

In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop key learning skills throughout your A-Level subjects and through the Plus Programme. These may include communication, numeracy, information technology, improving own learning and performance, working with others and problem solving.

Tutorial Programme

The tutors, together with the Head of Sixth Form and outside speakers, implement the Tutorial Programme, which exists to further the personal and social development of each student. These sessions take place each fortnight and are comprised of sessions on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Study Skills - delivered by university speakers, sessions aimed at helping students make the transition from GCSE to Level 3 study.
  • Academic Progression Information - UCAS and university speakers who discuss opportunities that exist, how to find and choose them, and then how to apply for them.
  • Employment Information - talks from a wide range of employers, both local and national, including: the NHS, Norfolk Police, Aviva, RG Carter, and others.
  • Personal and Health Information - talks and interactive sessions with The Terrence Higgins Trust, The Matthew Project, and other support organisations to help students develop their health and wellbeing understanding.
  • Money and Financial Education - The Money Charity and other organisations deliver financial education aimed at supporting our students into good money management while still in Sixth Form and beyond.

Individual mentoring and tutorials take place at appropriate times throughout the year.

Extended Project (Level 3)

The project provides an opportunity to develop an area of interest and engage in a detailed piece of research. It is worth up to 28 UCAS points and will be completed by all students studying courses equivalent to 3 A-Levels. It is optional for those already studying courses equivalent to 3.5 or more A-Levels.

Students can select from writing a dissertation, conducting an investigation, or producing an artefact. In each case, they will try to address a question that they pose themselves, on a topic of their choice. It is highly valued by universities, and increasingly by employers, as it is an opportunity for students to develop project management, research, and communication skills that aren't routinely delivered in other areas of a student's level 3 programme of study.


In Year 12, our students are expected to give one hour per week to a worthy cause or endeavour. Students have the opportunity to reinforce or develop an interest, or their employability through a community service placement. In past years, this has involved placements in the local First and Junior schools, Chapel Road School and local homes for the elderly.

Students will receive recognition for their volunteering work in their references for employment and university. Many students applying to healthcare routes, in particular, have benefitted from the experiences they have had and it has been commented on during their interview process for roles including: healthcare assistant, trainee widwife, and nurse.

Work Experience

During July of Year 12, all students will take part in a one Work Experience placement. For many students, finding a placement during Year 10 is challenging, especially given many are unsure of the career path they wish to pursue. It's likely that in Year 10 many students will complete their work experience locally, and in areas that they are not necessarily going to pursue as a career. In Year 12, we encourage students to go big and look for interesting and exciting placements, wherever they may be. In the past we have had students travel to Cambridge, London, Manchester, and internationally, to Berlin, Lisbon, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Students' Union Committees

Since 2021, we have introduced a Students' Union into the Sixth Form. It is made up of the whole Sixth Form - all students can participate. There are several committees (wellbeing, charity and fundraising, leavers) that run each year, and the potential for others to be created. The chairpeople of these committees form the Sixth Form Presidents, a role that has them join the Academy Student Council, and participate in academy improvement projects working directly with members of the leadership team.

Additional Tutoring and Academic Support

All students have access to the Student Support Mentor throughout the academy day, who can help with organisation and seeking support with virtually any issue they are facing. Alongside this, they have access to English tutoring support from a member of the Sixth Form team - who is an experienced English teacher. It is this academic support that has helped students accellerate as they progress through the Sixth Form, with many students who have sought this support, exceeding their target and predicted grades in the August of Year 13.

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