We believe that looking smart and dressing smartly for the academic day is an important part of Academy life. Our Uniform Policy intends to make clear what students must wear, must not wear and the areas in which they may exercise choice. It sends out a message to peers and the wider community that Attleborough Academy is a place of importance and endeavour that takes pride in itself and everything it does. It promotes high standards and expectations and sends out a firm signal of the attitudes and the behaviour required inside the Academy to promote effective learning.

In June 2020, the Academy transferred to the Sapientia Education Trust and as a result, we began phasing in the new uniform starting with the Year 7 students who commenced at the Academy in September 2020. 

Students in Year 10 and Year 11 during the academic year 2022-2023 will be able to wear the old “AAN” uniform but will need to replace lost and outgrown uniform based on the new requirements.

In line with the new Government regulations on school uniform, it is our aim to ensure that the cost of uniform is affordable for families. In support of this, we have minimal items that are branded with our logo (i.e. only the Blazer and tie and the Summer Polo Shirt – which is optional for the Summer Term). Parents and carers can therefore purchase items such as the white school shirt; black trousers; black v-neck jumper etc from their own chosen supplier (e.g. large supermarkets) to ensure they receive value for money. We have also set up a system whereby parents and carers can enquire about second-hand uniform. Please contact the Student Support Team for more details.

Our Academy uniform suppliers are:

Birds of Dereham

Unit D, Yaxham Road, Dereham NR19 1HB
Website:      www.birdsofdereham.com
Telephone:  01362 692941 or 01362 699130


67 Ber Street, Norwich NR1 3AD
Website:      www.stevensons.co.uk
Telephone:  01603 622355

Important Note
Parents and carers who are experiencing financial hardship in any aspect of the purchase of the school uniform should contact the Student Support Team.

Uniform Requirements 2022-2023

Item of Uniform

Blazer (with logo)

The Academy blazer should be worn at all times with sleeves rolled down. However, students may remove their blazer when on the playground and in the Dining Hall when seated. Out of courtesy, students need to ask their supervising teacher’s permission to remove a blazer in class.


Plain white, long sleeved shirt with a traditional collar and top button that can be fastened. Shirts should be fully done up at the neck at all times. Shirts should be tucked in at all times at the waist.

Ties (with logo)


Ties are to be purchased from the Academy Office

The Academy tie is a clip-on variety. It must be worn correctly at all times which means that the top shirt button must be fastened. The Academy logo will be visible on the vertical part of the tie. The only exception is during hot weather when the supervising teacher in class gives students specific permission to remove their ties. Students must put their ties back on at the end of the lesson.


Outdoor coats can be worn only over the Academy blazer. No outdoor coat should be worn in rooms and should be removed on entering the buildings. Outdoor coats can be worn in corridors if students are moving between buildings. ‘Hoodie’ style garments (sweatshirt material) are inappropriate for the Academy and are not considered to be overcoats. The only hoodie acceptable for wear in the Academy is our own PE hoodie worn for PE lessons. If students are wearing any other hoodie, it will be confiscated.

Sweaters and Cardigans

All jumpers and cardigans should be plain black and ‘V’ neck with no patterns, logos, hoods or round necks as they will be confiscated

Hats and Scarves

Hats and scarves may only be worn outside and removed immediately inside any building. For the purpose of identification and safeguarding, no face coverings or head coverings are allowed unless there is specific permission from the Executive Principal on religious or health grounds.

Trousers Students are expected to wear traditional tailored trousers, worn to the ankle and plain black.
Skirts Students choosing to wear a skirt must wear the ‘Attleborough Logo Skirt’ available from our Academy suppliers or a plain black skirt touching the knee.
Shorts Tailored shorts are available from our uniform suppliers by request and may be worn during the Summer Term only. No other shorts will be acceptable (no cargo or sports type shorts). Shorts must be worn with black socks and black shoes only.
Socks/Tights (worn with a skirt)

Socks must be plain and not brightly coloured. Tights must be black or natural with no patterns. If socks are worn with tights, they must be the same colour. No fashion accessory socks may be worn.

Shoes Shoes should be plain black and flat and worn at all times. School shoes must be made of leather or faux leather and thus must be able to be polished. Skate/canvas ‘shoes’ (e.g. Vans, Nike, Adidas) are not considered to be school shoes but are considered to be trainers. Trainers are only to be worn in PE but can also be worn on the playground at break times as long as a student changes back for lessons. Boots may be worn to and from the Academy but should be removed on arrival (please see ‘adverse weather’ arrangements).
Belts Should be plain black and narrow, attached to trousers or skirts (through belt loops).
Undershirts May be worn but must be plain white and not be visible in any way (colour/arm length/logos etc).
Form Tutors will check daily to adjudicate questionable items of uniform

School Shoes

The main area previously creating uniform issues has been footwear whereby some students have attempted to wear throughout the day high fashion trainer type shoes that although they may be black, are clearly not standard school shoes.

There is a new Government Act precisely aimed at ensuring that school uniforms are affordable and so we have updated our Uniform Policy to define more precisely that such high cost trainers, skater or canvas type shoes (e.g. those produced by Vans, Hi Tec, Nike, Adidas etc) are not considered school shoes in our policy.

Please support us and all other parents and carers in this measure from September by ensuring that your child comes to school in normal school shoes. This means they would normally have some sort of heel, be polishable and have no logos i.e. a standard black shoe! If you are purchasing new shoes for September, please be careful where retailers might put such canvas, skater, trainer type shoes on the shelf labelled ‘school shoes’. Trainer type shoes can still be worn for PE but not throughout the day. If you are in doubt, please consult with our Student Support Team.


School Shoes

Shoes Considered Trainers

Shoes Considered Trainers

Shoes Not Considered Trainers

PE Kit Requirements

PE Kit

Blue and House coloured polo shirt (Academy supplier)
Navy blue shorts
White socks
Navy blue football socks
Training shoes or plimsolls (appropriate for activity e.g. non-mark soles)
Football boots
Shin pads
Gum guard

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms or plain tracksuit
Multi-blue rugby shirt (Academy supplier)
AA hoodie (Academy supplier)
Navy blue skort (Academy supplier)
Black or navy sports lycra leggings can be worn

For some items, you will need to know the name of the House that your child is in.

All clothing and equipement should be clearly marked with the owner's name.

Please note
Parents and carers who are experiencing financial hardship in any aspect of the purchase of the school uniform should contact the Student Support Team.

Summer Uniform

Summer uniform is optional and can only be worn during the Summer Term. Students may continue to wear their uniform as above if they so wish in this term. The majority of the requirements above remain in place in the Summer Term. The exceptions and alterations are set out below:

  • Only a light blue polo shirt (with sleeves rolled down at all times) with the Academy logo (available from our Academy suppliers) may be worn instead of a shirt, tie and blazer.
  • Prefects have the option to purchase and wear a dark blue ‘Prefect’ polo shirt (available from our Academy suppliers).
  • If students choose to remain wearing the Academy shirt, tie and blazer, the requirements are as above although wearing the blazer is optional.
  • Requirements regarding shoes/trousers/skirts/hats and scarves/sweaters and cardigans/overcoats/belts/undershirts remain unaffected.
  • Tailored shorts are available from our uniform suppliers by request.

Adverse Weather

In the event of exceptional weather conditions, boots will be acceptable but must be changed once on site.


We discourage the wearing of jewellery for health and safety reasons but the following are acceptable:

  • One pair of ‘stud’ earrings
  • One watch
  • One additional wrist band (bracelet/charity band etc)
  • One small ring
  • Necklaces should not be visible

No body or facial piercings are permitted to be worn by students whilst in the Academy. Students will be expected to either remove them if visible and/or wear a retainer.


Discreet make up may be worn. Students who take advantage of this privilege by wearing extreme cosmetics will be required to remove it. Nail varnish will need to be removed in Catering lessons.

False Nails

For the purpose of health and safety (particularly in PE and all Technology lessons), false nails (including gels) must not be worn in the Academy. We ask that parents and carers take particular note of this in order that the expense involved in such treatment is not wasted during term time.


Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. No extreme colours are permitted (the expectation is that if hair is dyed then only natural colours e.g. blonde, ginger, auburn, brunette or black are used).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Students are required to wear PPE where appropriate and when instructed to.

Physical Education Requirements

PE Requirements

No jewellery may be worn in PE lessons and all piercings (including earrings) must be removed.

  • Gum guards are a compulsory piece of safety equipment for some PE lessons. When playing Rugby or Hockey, all students are required to wear a gum guard.  
  • Long hair must be tied up. 
  • All valuables should be handed in at the start of the lesson. 

If a student is ill or injured, they are still required to bring their PE kit and get changed as they will be taking on such roles as coach and official within lessons. Please note the following with regard to this: 

  • The student’s kit should be suitable for the activity they are studying e.g. warm clothes (tracksuit) if outside or if they are suffering from a cold. 
  • The student should be supplied with a note to explain their reason for not being able to participate fully and to what degree they can participate. 
  • If the condition is long term, the PE department should be contacted by the parent or carer to discuss a suitable plan to ensure learning is possible yet suitable. The student will not be expected to get changed if they have a condition which will be exacerbated by changing or cause undue discomfort e.g. broken limbs, severe back injuries. This should be made clear in a note to the PE Department.
  • If the injury affects the lower limb, PE kit for the upper body should be supplied e.g. if they have a sprained ankle, they change into T-shirt (tracksuit top) only. 

PE Sanctions

The Academy PE kit is compulsory and it is important that all students abide by the Academy’s policy to ensure high standards and consistency is maintained.

If a student forgets their PE kit (and does not have a note to explain lack of kit), they will receive an ‘S’ for stationery and PE kit and will be expected to borrow an Academy PE kit.

If a student refuses to borrow an Academy PE kit, they will be removed from the lesson using the Yellow Card system and a Lunchtime Detention will be attached to Go 4 Schools.

If a student is unable to participate fully due to illness or injury, they must be provided with a parental note and bring appropriate PE kit. If they do not have a note it will be treated as forgotten kit. The parental note should be written into the Student Handbook. If there are legitimate reasons for a student being unable to bring the correct PE kit (e.g. moving house, problems with washing machine etc) then the student should arrive to lessons with a suitable sports kit and a note to explain why it is not the correct compulsory PE kit, giving a date when their kit will be rectified by.

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