Governance Structure

Attleborough Academy joined the Sapientia Education Trust on 1 June 2020. The Board of Trustees of the Sapientia Education Trust is ultimately accountable to the Department for Education for the effective and efficient performance of all the schools within the Trust.

Following a review of governance arrangements across the Trust, Trustees agreed on changes to the Governance structures which took effect from September 2022. The overall aim is to further strengthen governance arrangements across the Trust.

Sapientia Education Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees who have statutory responsibility for governance. Further information about the Governance structure is available on the Sapientia Education Trust website. 

Our revised arrangements have explicit aims, one of these being to ensure effective parental/carer input by means of a Parent Focus Group (PFG) at each school. Locally, this is known as our Parent Council.

This group facilitates communication between the Headteacher and parents and carers and acts as a consultative group.  

SET Governance StructurePlease visit the Sapientia Education Trust website for further information about the Governance structure and financial information for the schools within the Trust.

Sapientia Education Trust

Documents relating to the attendance of meetings of the former Local Governing Body of Attleborough for the previous twelve months:

Meeting Attendance Record 2021-2022


Local Governing Body Date  
Meeting Attendance Record 2021-2022 07th Jul 2022 Download
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