Supporting Students and Parents

We are a small Sixth Form, which means that all of the team get to know our students. From the Head of Sixth Form to our tutors - there is always support available.

The step up to post-16 education is a challenging one. A-Levels, in particular, are very difficult qualifications when compared to GCSEs. As such, a different type of support is required when you reach Sixth Form, and we work very hard to be that supportive partner to both students and parents. 

Academic Support

All students in the Sixth Form have access to our Student Support Mentor (SSM) during their regular study sessions. Students can seek support from them on a wide range of issues including academic ones. They will be able to guide the students towards improved ways of working for more complex qualifications, and signpost them to the right people to support them with subject specific issues. The SSM is also our designated person for students with SEND, they will support them in seeking specific access support or materials, and will participate in their regular reviews and any contact with external support services.

Wellbeing Support

Students in the Sixth Form have a team of staff on hand to provide them with wellbeing support. They will see their tutor each morning, and they will be many students' first point of contact if they are having issues. Alongside providing academic support and signposting, our SSM is also on hand to provide wellbeing support throughout the school day in the Sixth Form block. Throughout the year, we also invite a range of external organisations into the Academy to provide advice, guidance, and support on a wide range of personal issuesl; from mental health and wellbeing services, to sexual health, drug and alcohol advice, and others.

Financial Support

When students move from Year 11 into Year 12, some sources of support change. For those students who are currently classed as ‘Pupil Premium’(PP) - this source of additional financial support ends once they leave Year 11. It is replaced by something called the 16-19 Bursary (read more about it here). Whereas, students receiving Free School Meals (FSM), continue to receive them in the same way - a set amount is credited to your WisePay account (the cashless catering system) each day.

Careers and Futures Support

The Sixth Form team are very experienced in providing support and guidance with regards to post-18 options. Students can speak with any of the Sixth Form staff about future options, and they will be able to provide guidance and signposting. Throughout the two years, students will have a wide range of interactions with business and industry, local organisations, universities and further education providers, and advice and guidance organisations. You can find out more about some of the events that take place throughout the year on our Futures Week page.

We’re about finding solutions to problems - we recognise that not all of them can be fixed, but it won’t stop us trying.

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