We are a small Sixth Form, which means that all of the team get to know our students. From the Head of Sixth Form to our tutors - there is always support available.

Particularly at the moment, life in schools is challenging. Teachers are moving around more, and students (once they reach Sixth Form) are moving just as much. This makes the transition from main school to Sixth Form more difficult, because it can feel like there’s no single point where you can go when you need help. We are very fortunate our Sixth Form is built around a central study area, where the Sixth Form Manager, Mr Nevard, can be found. Whatever the issue, from the Sixth Form block we are able to ensure that students get the help they need, when they need it. The COVID pandemic has made this more challenging, but we’re working hard on improving what we provide to students in spite of the additional hurdles it has placed in our way.

When students move from Year 11 into Year 12, some sources of support change. For those students who are currently classed as ‘Pupil Premium’(PP) - this source of additional financial support ends once they leave Year 11. It is replaced by something called the 16-19 Bursary. Whereas, students receiving Free School Meals (FSM), continue to receive them in the same way - a set amount is credited to your WisePay account (the cashless catering system) each day.

We’re about finding solutions to problems - we recognise that not all of them can be fixed, but it won’t stop us trying.

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