Senior Leadership Team:

Neil McShane
Chris Barns
Deputy Principal
Caroline Phoenix
Assistant Principal

Leadership Team

Suzi Battell
Associate Assistant Principal and Head of Faculty - Maths
Andy Cole
Associate Assistant Principal and Head of Sixth Form
Kim Evans
Director of Administration
Michala Parks
Director of Student Support

Wider Leadership Team

Jo Collin
Head of Faculty - Science
Chris Hinton
Head of Faculty - English and Media
Fiona Campbell-Horne
Operations Manager

Senior Management Team

Ashir Abbas
Head of Faculty - PSHE
Luke Jeffs
Head of Faculty - Technologies
Sian Jones
Head of Faculty - Expressive Arts
Fran Moss
Head of Faculty - Humanities
Chris Stott
Progress Director of Upper School
Grant Martin
Progress Director of Lower School
Kerry Whittaker

Senior Administration Team

Sue Bisley
SLT Administrative Assistant and Cover Manager
David Nevard
Sixth Form Manager

Student Support Team

Elliot Bloomfield
Student Behaviour Manager
Claire Sadler
Assistant SEND Coordinator
Isabelle Allott
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Shirley Linnitt
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Michele Caddamy
Student Support Mentor
Amanda Dysart
Student Support Mentor
Charlotte Fagg
Student Support Mentor
Shani Ricketts
Student Support Mentor
Katie Savage
Student Support Mentor

Student Progress Team

Hayley Cushing
Progress Leader: Year 7
Transition Coordinator
Grant Martin
Progress Leader: Year 8
Chris Stott
Progress Leader: Year 9
Sian Jones
Progess Leader: Year 10
Justin Needs
Progress Leader: Year 11
H CushingHead of Art and Photography, Progress Leader: Year 7, Year 6 Transition CoordinatorContact
S MarshArt, Photography and MFL teacher, Literacy Coordinator, 9RB3 Form TutorContact
M BrayArt teacher, 9RB1 Form TutorContact
J-L LinnittArt and Design TechnicianContact
A ColeHead of Business Studies, Head of Sixth FormContact
S FrostComputer Science and Business Studies Teacher, 7AN1 Form TutorContact
A AbbasHead of Citizenship, 8HU3 Form TutorContact
D MurrayCitizenship Teacher, 8HU5 Form TutorContact
D PickeringHead of Computing, 9EN7 Form TutorContact
S FrostComputer Science and Business Studies Teacher, 7AN1 Form TutorContact
L Jeffs Head of Design Technology, Prospero Form Tutor Contact
M Kent Product Design Teacher, 7AN5 Tutor Contact
C Flaherty Food Technology Teacher, 10EN1 Tutor Contact
S Ward Design Technology Technician Contact
E James Food Technology Technician Contact
S JonesDrama Teacher, Head of Expressive Arts, Progress Leader: Year 10Contact
C PhoenixEnglish Teacher, Assistant Principal – CPDContact
C HintonHead of English, 11MA5 Form TutorContact
K WhittakerSecond in English, SEND CoordinatorContact
M AgacheEnglish Teacher, Literacy Coordinator, 11MA4 Form TutorContact
K AkroydEnglish Teacher, Pluto Form TutorContact
K ElliottLibrarianContact
C MedlockEnglish Teacher, 10EN5 Form TutorContact
B MuggeridgeEnglish Teacher, Media Teacher, Pan Form TutorContact
A TaylorEnglish Teacher, 10EN4 Form TutorContact
R TyrerEnglish Teacher, Religious Education Teacher, 10EN3 Form TutorContact
F MossHead of Humanities, Head of Geography and Politics,  8HU1 Form TutorContact
C BarnsGeography Teacher, Assistant Principal – CurriculumContact
F HarrisonGeography Teacher, 8HU4 Form Tutor (Shared)Contact
L NeilGeography Teacher, 8HU4 Form Tutor (Shared)Contact
E CovingtonHead of Health and Social Care, Sociology Teacher, 8HU2/8HU6 Form TutorContact
E WebbHead of History, 8HU2 Form TutorContact
S WhitlamHead of History, 8HU6 Form TutorContact
D BastickHistory Teacher, 8ML1 Form TutorContact
S BattellHead of Maths, Associate Assistant Principal – ITTCOContact
T PerryMaths Teacher, Numeracy Coordinator, Athena Form TutorContact
C SharpeMaths Teacher, KS5 Maths Lead, Apollo Form TutorContact
S ConlonMaths Teacher, 11MA3 Form TutorContact
G MartinMaths Teacher, Progress Director of Lower School, Head of Kett House, Progress Leader: Year 8Contact
J NeedsMaths Teacher, Head of Boudicca House, Progress Leader: Year 11Contact
F ZappalaMaths Teacher, 9ML3 Form TutorContact
C CopeHead of MFL, 9ML2 Form TutorContact
S EmmersonMFL Teacher, 9RB1 Form TutorContact
S MarshArt, Photography and MFL Teacher, Literacy Coordinator, 9RB3 Form Tutor (Maternity Leave)
K BanhamHead of Music, Vocational Qualifications Lead, 10EN2 Form TutorContact
R AllisonHead of Music, 10EN2 Form TutorContact
T SparrowHead of PE, Artemis Form TutorContact
C SkipperPE Teacher, 9EN6 Form TutorContact
C StottPE Teacher, Head of Nelson House, Progress Director of Upper School, Progress Leader: Year 9, Careers Lead, 9ML2 Form TutorContact
P HendyHead of Psychology, Psychology, Sociology and Politics Teacher, Pluto Form TutorContact
L TrounceReligious Education Teacher, 9RB1 Form TutorContact
R TyrerReligious Education Teacher, English Teacher, 10EN3 Form TutorContact
J CollinHead of Science, 11MA2 Form TutorContact
J SeymourSecond in Science, 10IT5 Form TutorContact
F BalmerScience Teacher, 7AN3 Form TutorContact
C BridsonScience Teacher, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Ares Form TutorContact
S FrenchScience Teacher, 7AN2 Form TutorContact
G GriffithsScience Teacher, 7AN4 Form TutorContact
S GrovesScience TeacherContact
A JopkiewiczScience TechnicianContact
A WhiteScience TechnicianContact
E CovingtonHead of Health and Social Care, Sociology Teacher, 8HU6 Form TutorContact
P HendyPsychology, Sociology and Politics Teacher, Pluto Form TutorContact
K EvansPA to the Principal 
F Campbell-HorneOperations ManagerContact
S BisleySenior Leadership Team Administrative Assistant and Cover ManagerContact
S BriggsReceptionistContact
A HowesReceptionistContact
VacancyFinance Assistant 
K ElliottLibrarianContact
J-L LinnittArt and Design TechnicianContact
S WardDesign Technology TechnicianContact
E JamesFood Technology Technician 
A WhiteScience TechnicianContact
A JopkiewiczScience TechnicianContact
C WrightExaminations OfficerContact
C WatsonExaminations Officer and Student Records ControllerContact
C DaviesReprographics Assistant 
R DaviesTimetable Assistant 
M NortonIT TechnicianContact
D PeartIT Technican 
K Lloyd

Cover Supervisor

A Youell

Cover Supervisor

E Gook

Cover Supervisor

I YoungsSite ManagerContact
P HeronCaretaker 
J SeamanCaretaker 
S LusherCaretaker 
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