Choosing Your GCSE Options

At AA, you will choose your GCSE options in Year 9. There will be lots more information and advice given to you closer to the time, including options evenings and parents’ evening.

Step 1: Think of yourself

You might want to think about what you want to do in the future, or think about what you enjoy doing and choose the options that are best for you. icanbea… has a careers wizard that matches your interests to potential jobs. You can complete the careers wizard here, or browse different job roles and see the qualifications you need.

Visit icanbea… for careers in Norfolk and Suffolk

Your GCSE options should be decided by you, and you only! So don’t:

  • Choose options because your friends are
  • Choose options because you like a particular teacher
  • Rule out options because you don’t like a particular teacher


  • Choose subjects that will be useful to you on the future
  • Choose subjects that you enjoy
  • Choose a range of options that will keep you interested and happy over two years
  • Attend options evening to find out what the courses are like before you choose
  • Research the style of assessment you prefer (coursework vs exam)
  • Ask teachers questions about the GCSE courses for your option ideas

Step 3: See what is available

Look at all the subjects we offer. You will see the topics you will study, how much is assessed by exam and coursework, as well as future career or study opportunities.

Attend options evening and Year 9 parents’ evening. Your teachers will be there to answer any questions you have and explain in detail what each GCSE is like. You can find dates for this in the calendar.

Step 4: Talk to your parents

Discuss your choices and options with your parents. They can help you research the different courses and give you ideas to help you make your choices.

Step 5: Apply!

When you’ve made your mind up, you will be able to apply! When you apply, you will get 8 choices:

  • 4 top choices (ranked)
  • 4 reserve choices (ranked)

This means you have the choice of 4 GCSE options, which is more than most schools in the UK.

We ask you to rank your choices, so we prioritise your top choices. We will try our best to get you your top 4 choices, but sometimes this isn’t possible because of the combination of options you have made, or due to class numbers. Therefore make sure your 4 reserve choices are subjects are also subjects you would like to study.

More information about how to apply will be released soon!

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