Information Technology

Curriculum Content Overview

Attleborough Academy's computing department will equip students with the Computational Thinking and Logical thinking skills that will set them up for the workplace of the future, where computers, software and artificial intelligence will have a greater role in running the world. These skills prepare students with the skills to approach problems of the future with confidence, decompose them, spot patterns, develop algorithms to help solve them and create abstractions and generalisations to use and develop software and technology in a way that will enable them to work smarter, not harder. 

Attleborough Academy’s Computing department is led by subject specialists with a particular interest in tangible computing and encourages students to get a more “hands on” experience with these abstract concepts, by providing a curriculum that is visual, as well as theoretical and rigorous to provide a digitally literate workforce for the future; by offering both IT and Computer Science routes into future education. 

Computing has deep links with Mathematics, Science and Design Technology, and the department will use opportunities throughout to teach concepts of these to students, encouraging students to see the utility of Technology in every-day life, allowing them to evaluate the software and tools available to them effectively to make their lives easier. 

Attleborough Acacdemy’s Computing department will build resilient and tenacious learners, who view failure as an opportunity, and as such will encourage students to reach their own answer, rather than provide them with the “right” way. 

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