16-19 Bursary Fund

If you come from a low-income household, usually indicated by being eligible for a free school meal, then you will most likely be eligible for this benefit.

It is applied for by the student, in their name, and the student gets to decide how it is used. Some students use it to pay for their school transport (as Norfolk County Council stop funding school transport at 16), others use it to buy a laptop or other resources to support their education, some use it to pay for trips and visits. In July, Mr Cole will send details to all of our applicants of how to determine if you are eligible and how to apply for the bursary.

There is a separate bursary for students who are classed as ‘in-care’ or as ‘care leavers’ - if this applies to you, please make sure to complete that section of the application form so we can ensure you get the financial support you are entitled to.

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