Curriculum Content Overview

We understand that the children who come to us in Year 7 are at a critical stage of their cognitive and artistic development. The Art Curriculum has been carefully designed to help learners navigate through these developmental challenges and help them to thrive. We aim to provide all learners with the knowledge and competencies needed to appreciate the world around them, understand a variety of artistic ways of working, be creative and independent, whilst also giving them the tools to successfully represent their world and views in a variety of media.Underpinned by research into children’s cognitive and artistic development, the curriculum has been planned and sequenced to allow learners to be challenged, knowing more and remembering more by revisiting themes and technical skills throughout each key stage, culminating in the ability to make informed and effective choices about their own Art making. Schemes of Learning have been developed that fully utilise both traditional and contemporary art competencies, developing students’ understanding of Art’s role throughout history, culture and the wealth of the nation.We know that a high quality, Art,Craft and Design education will engage, inspire and challenge students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to participate in, experiment with, invent and create their own works of art. Ultimately, the Art staff at Attleborough Academy aim to prepare a learning environment that allows students to develop an aesthetic appreciation of the world around them as well as becoming proud of their own creative outcomes.

Art Curriculum Journey Years 7 -13 

Whole learning journey ART 7 13


Art Curriculum Journey Years 7 -13  - Individual Year Groups


Year overview curriculum snakes 7 11











Introduction to GCSE Art Presentation



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