Physical Education

Curriculum Content Overview


We aim to -  

  • Understand the fundamental skills that underpin a wide variety of sports.  

  • Understand tactics and strategies of attack and defence in game play. 

  • Develop confidence of performance.  

  • Develop a love of sport/physical activity both inside and outside of school. 

  • Identify their own and other strengths and weaknesses and know how to improve.  

  • Develop an understanding of other roles in sport (e.g. officials) and how to participate in these roles.  

  • Understand the importance of being active, both physically and mentally.  

  • Know how to monitor and track progress in fitness.  

  • Understand how the body works and can adapt to a variety of exercises.  

  • Understand how to evaluate and improve performance  

  • Understand the key concepts of human anatomy and physiology.  


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