Curriculum Content Overview

A Level Sociology will provide you with the skills required of an undergraduate. In Sociology, you need the ability to consider society from different perspectives and to be able to analyse different aspects of society. Throughout this course you will develop your understanding of research methods and be able to apply this to explain perspectives on society. 

Following the AQA A-Level Sociology Curriculum, you will study a range of aspects of society, including education, crime and media. We will discuss different perspectives such as Feminism, Marxism and Functionalism. We will also consider the impact of socialisation from childhood and how this influences society. We will consider different eras within society and how society has progressed in recent years. We will look at differences in demographics with regards to crime and education and explore reasons for these differences. We will analyse the impact of globalisation and what implications this has for society today, linking this to the postmodern approach. Another area we will study is the family, we will look at different types of families and how the structure has changed over time. We will also look at the ageing population and how this will impact social policy in the future. The final area we study is media, throughout this topic, we will consider how different groups in society are represented and different models that explain how media impacts society. This course aims to develop your ability to consider society from a variety of different perspectives and gives you the opportunity to form your own opinions on the different functions and needs of society.   


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