Health and Social Care

Curriculum Content Overview


We study the Cambridge National Level 1/2 qualification. In health and social care, students will learn about the different environments and careers that are in health and social care settings. The person-centred approach is a core component that students will need to learn, as this is one of the key aspects within health and social care environments. Students will learn about the life stages and different life events along with the impacts this has in the health and social care sector. Students will complete multiple pieces of assessed coursework, including designing and running a creative therapy session.  

The skills that students will develop through this course include problem solving, independent thinking, creativity, analysis and evaluation. This is a course that is ideal for student’s that are wishing to go on to study in a health, social or childcare field. This curriculum will enhance the student’s skills and knowledge within the profession and develop key skills, such as communication, that are needed throughout life. 

At A-Level 

Students will begin the course working on coursework. This coursework will allow students to look at the importance of building healthy relationships within the health and social care sector and allow for them to consider the importance of person-centred care and reflective practice. Throughout the rest of year 12, students will develop their knowledge in health, safety and security, alongside understanding about equality diversity and rights. They will look at how these topics are followed within health and social care environments, including recent legislation and policies. 

In year 13, Students will complete coursework modules on nutrition for health and sexual reproduction and pregnancy. In the nutrition module, students will look at the different nutrition that is needed for individuals and create a diet plan for a person struggling with their nutrition. The module on sexual reproduction looks at how the law protects people from dangerous behaviours, how a foetus develops including some of the issues that may be experienced during pregnancy and will look at the development of the child in the first year of life. The course will finish with the unit of physiology and anatomy, where human biology and specific conditions that cause ill health and their implications are considered. 

This course allows students to develop a wide range of skills, including their ability to reflect on their own choices and skills, apply the person centred approach and develop their independence, analysis and evaluation skills. This course would be ideal for somebody that wishes to go into a career in health, social or childcare sectors, for example, a childcare worker or a nurse. 







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