Curriculum Content Overview

The Business Department at Attleborough Academy will engage students with modern, relevant and interesting Business education. Students will leave us to progress into a wide range of academic, business and vocational settings, all of which are subject to the same broad range of external influences. The business curriculum will equip students with the analytical ability to analyse and evaluate these governmental, economic, social, technological, environmental and ethical issues. They will be able to assess the choices available confidently and critically to individuals and to organisations ranging from Sole Traders to Conglomerates in the Public and Private Sectors. They will build upon their theoretical understanding of mathematics to apply skills in the context of both business and personal finance. Course content will prepare students for future learning (across Academic, Vocational and Applied routes), and for careers in the modern business environment. Encouraging students to become well-read, savvy, and culturally aware citizens, will enable them to respond with flexibility to changing trends and job market forces.  

Business Roadmap


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