Curriculum Content Overview

Commitment to continuous improvement 

Our students develop confidence, resilience and a love of learning through:  

  • The opportunity to investigate scientific phenomena and knowledge through research, practical work, independent study and excellent teaching from subject specialists. 
  • Being challenged to problem solve and apply their skills to other contexts across all three science subjects. 

Acknowledgement of efforts and achievements 

We help students achieve by:  

  • High quality, well-planned lessons delivered by specialist science teachers. 
  • Regular testing and directed improvement time following tests to support further learning . 
  • Using the school’s behaviour management system to celebrate excellence in effort and/or achievement.  

Respect for others and the environment 

We create students who: 

  • Understand the biological, chemical and physical worlds and the contributions that scientific discoveries have made to our lives today. 
  • Can understand the impact that human beings are having on the environment in terms of biology, chemistry and physics.  

Excellence in all that we do 

We raise the aspirations and ambition of our students by: 

  • Engaging activities and contact with external agencies such as UEA and the RAF.