Curriculum Content Overview

Commitment to continuous improvement 

Our students develop confidence and resilience through:  

  • Learning about themselves as human beings, developing tolerance for others, being encouraged to evolve a sense of themselves and their place in the world.
  • Recognising their changing bodies; through knowledge and understanding perceive its importance to their wellbeing.
  • Engaging in lessons which help them to overcome the perceived inward-looking nature of life in small rural towns and expand their knowledge around issues that will affect the quality of their lives long after they have left Attleborough Academy. 

Acknowledgement of efforts and achievements 

We help students achieve highly at KS3, KS4 and beyond by:  

  • Broadening their understanding of the world and the infinite variety present within humanity, strengthening their approach to their own mental health, emotional wellbeing and our interconnectedness.  
  • Preparing them thoroughly for a life that is lived online and offline with a set of common-sense guidelines that recognises their status as digital natives.  
  • Using extensive questions and answers, discussions and giving regular feedback to ensure that the knowledge that is the foundation of the course is embedded and develops into a wealth of reference, allowing character to flourish and develop in a positive life. Finally becoming a strong source of reference in a long-term attitude and mind-set.  


Respect for others and the environment 

We create students who: 

  • Have a deep understanding of their own humanity and share in British values as they extend forward into human values. This could be demonstrated in their attitudes to each other, where kindness, care, compassion and understanding are choices when encountering any kind of homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, religious intolerance or other bigotry.  Are equipped with knowledge about diversity of race, sexuality, gender and the nomenclature associated with it. To help build mutual respect, tolerance and confidence with other minority groups.  


Excellence in all that we do 

We raise the aspirations and ambition of our students by: 

  • Expressly teaching happiness as a goal, wellbeing as an intuitive ability, emotional literacy as a condition for success in a life that is well lived.  
  • Promoting the idea that humanity as an interconnected whole, families, friends, partners all are a condition of a person’s happiness. How they navigate these relationships is through recognising positive relationships and negative ones, or even positive aspects of negative relationships and negative aspects of positive ones.   
  • Teaching the practice of Mindfulness as a world view and a means to regulate and manage compulsive thinking, excessive thinking and automatic negative thinking.   
  • Experiencing success and progress through delivery of knowledge, understanding and skills developed through a broad and balanced curriculum. 








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