Combined Science

Curriculum Content Overview

Key Stage 3  

Students have 6 lessons of science per fortnight. In Years 7 and 8, we follow the Activate Science curriculum that covers the whole Key Stage 3 requirement and builds essential knowledge, vocabulary, skills and understanding for the GCSE courses ahead. In Year 9, we follow a bespoke KS3 curriculum, reinforcing essential KS3 concepts to prepare for GCSE study the following year. Our course prepares students for the rigours of GCSE study by introducing and developing the scientific ideas and the practical skills required throughout their studies. Separate units of biology, chemistry and physics are covered over the course of each academic year. Regular assessment throughout the course followed by a detailed review of answers allows students to reflect on their learning and improve their examination answers and technique. 

KS3 Yr7 Science Snake

KS3 Yr 8 Science Snake

KS3 Yr 9 Science Snake


Key Stage 4 (GCSE) Combined Science 

We offer two routes in the science GCSEs. Students either study for a separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE or they follow a Combined Science pathway which covers all 3 sciences and is worth 2 GCSEs. 

The pathway each student follows is carefully selected to suit the academic interests of the individual to give them the best chance of fulfilling their potential in the GCSE examinations. 


GCSE Combined Science (Biology)




GCSE Combined Science (Physics)

Key Stage 5 (A-Level)

We offer A Levels in BiologyChemistry and Physics as well as a BTEC in Forensic Investigation at our Sixth Form. For more information, visit our Sixth Form Site














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