Attleborough Youth Theatre

Posted on 16th Apr 2024

Since October the Attleborough Youth Theatre have been working together on a Monday evening to rehearse and develop their version of the new National Theatre Connections Festival play Age is Revolting by Abi Zakarian. On Thursday 14th March they delivered their first public performance of the play and on Friday 15th we welcomed Lucy Allen from The National Theatre to see the show, and she wrote a positive report afterwards. It is a funny a poignant story of a group of teenagers who having showed little respect to their ‘elders’ find themselves, through some kind of unnerving magic conjured up by their supply teacher Ms Manoukian, residents of a local care home at the age of 80. A period of revolt, then reflection ensues as they find the process of ageing very tiring. Lucy Allen said that the company were ‘spirited’ and they ‘had been on a journey with the production as a group.’ And had ‘really pulled together as a group to find a shared theatrical language.’ 

Lucy Allen also wrote ’The play poses a genuine challenge in the performance of older people, and you have handled this really well; there is a subtle but clear shift in physicality, but the performances never feel like parody.’ 

The cast have 4 more rehearsals left before they transfer the production to The Garage in Norwich for the final performance at 6:30pm on Saturday 27th April. 



Written by D Joseph
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