DofE Silver Practice Expedition

Posted on 18th Apr 2024

DofE Silver Practice 2nd April - 5th April 2024

Our Silver group of 7 students embarked on their Silver DofE practice expedition during the Easter Holidays between Tuesday 2nd and Friday 5th April supported over this period by a number of staff from the Academy.  

The students had already spent hours training and now their training really stepped up in distance and timescale.  They were embarking on 3 nights camping and 3 days walking, being out for 7 hours each day and carrying everything to be self-sufficient for this time period.  They needed to carry all clothes, food, cooking equipment, sleeping kit and tents to name just a few of the things required to be self-sufficient.

Each day they were challenged by the weather; wind, rain and sun they had it all.  Navigation was taken in turn as each team member supported each other in building their skills.  Another challenge presented itself in the case of the disappearing footpaths, which had been planted over by farmers. However, the students rose to the occasion and valiantly continued on their way. 

There were many natural key locations for the students to complete a survey, observe and record on their journeys. The expedition finished at Sheringham Park, with all students accounted for. Overall the experience was very positive, and did its job in terms of a practice expedition, highlighting areas which need more practice before the qualifying expeditions later in the year.

Much fun was had along the way and the team and their supervisors developed good working relationships.

A huge thank you to all the students and staff involved.

Written by D Pickering
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