Year 11 Revision Skills Morning

Posted on 2nd Dec 2022

This year revision skills morning was held on Thursday 20 October 2022, with the intention of demonstrating useful preparation methods for examinations.  

Our Year 11 students spent two hours working with Mr Evans (Deputy Principal) and Mr Stott (Head of KS4), developing ideas and positive habits in the lead up to the November mock exams. The session started with Mr Evans giving some context on why exams matter and the link between qualifications and career prospects. The Year 11 students were particularly attentive when Mr Evans explained that money does not guarantee happiness, but it does give you more choices in life! 

The second part of the session was led by Mr Stott demonstrating some revision methods. Students worked with their peers to apply their skills on Pictionary notes, mnemonics and mind mapping, to name but a few. Students discussed how to set up a revision space at home, positive habits around sleep, diet and exercise, as well as the support network offered to them at the Academy.  

We wish all our Year 11 students the best of luck as they continue their preparations for their GCSE exams. 


Mr Stott 

Written by Chris Stott
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