Inter-House Cross Country

Posted on 29th Nov 2022

On Tuesday 29th November the PE department hosted the Interhouse cross country. Not only is this part of our Olympiad competition run throughout the year, but this also leads on to the Norfolk Schools Cross Country first round at Neatherd High School in January.  

98 students put themselves forward for this event, which is amazing, the biggest turn out we have seen in a long time. Every student who ran in the event received a point for their house and the top 5 finishes winning extra points for their house.  

The results finished as follows:  

Overall Points

1st Place - Nelson - 74 points

2nd Place - Boudicca - 55 points

3rd Place - Cavell - 48 points

4th Place - Kett - 44 points

Top four finishes will receive a letter in the first week back in January regarding the next round on 10th January.  

Year 7 Boys 

1st Dawson Talbot – Nelson  

2nd Finley Blake – Boudicca 

3rd Jasper cooper - Boudicca 

4th Jamie Hall – Nelson  

Year 7 Girls  

1st Scarlett Whiten – Cavell 

2nd Layla Edgar – Kett  

3rd Chloe Parker – Kett  

4th Summer Howard – Nelson  


Year 8 Boys  

1st Archie Cook – Nelson 

2nd Zak Potter – Kett  

3rd Mason Thompson – Boudicca  

4th Connor Fraser – Nelson  

Year 8 Girls  

1st Isabella Bates – Nelson  

2nd Abbie Skinn – Boudicca  

3rd Jasmine Shepard – Boudicca  

4th Kayleigh Halliday – Cavell 


Year 9 Boys  

1st Josh Moore – Nelson 

2nd Theo Crowter – Cavell  

3rd Riley Burt – Cavell 

4th Stanley Davies – Nelson  

Year 9 Girls 

1st Niamh Golding – Boudicca  

2nd Paulina Petrokaite – Cavell  

3rd Lillian Chenery – Nelson 

4th Zsofia Benfell – Cavell  


Year 10 Boys  

1st Jossiah Pyatt – Cavell  

2nd Will Spratt – Boudicca 

3rd Ben Blyth – Nelson  

4th Jack Hubbard – Nelson  

Year 10 Girls  

1st Anya Price – Boudicca  

2nd Jessica Surrell – Kett 

3rd Nikki Falgate – Kett  

4th Ava Cooper – Boudicca  

Written by T Sparrow
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