Posted on 9th Mar 2022

This term, students in Year 7 were delighted to receive a free book courtesy of Bookbuzz, a scheme run by BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, to encourage reading for pleasure. Before Christmas, students watched a video introducing them to the 17 books available. The selection ranged from a non-fiction book about the Apollo 13 space mission and a funny action story about a boy who develops superpowers to a graphic novel featuring alligator private investigators! After hearing a brief summary of the book from the authors themselves, students then had to make the difficult decision of which book they were going to choose.

The books arrived in January to much excitement and it was wonderful to be able to give each member of Year 7 a new book for the new year!

In order to continue this ‘buzz’ around reading, there is a Bookbuzz Club that Year 7 students can attend on Wednesday lunchtimes in the library. Each week we focus on one of the 17 books and do an activity linked to it. As BookTrust have said: ‘Reading regularly has a strong impact on children’s well-being, imagination, [and] language…We want to encourage children to keep picking up books, helping them to discover what exactly keeps them turning the pages and inspiring a lifelong reading habit.’



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