Maths Challenge

Posted on 6th Jul 2022

To start I'd like to say thank you to the Sapienta Trust for bringing everyone together for this fun filled afternoon and a massive thank you to Mr Cox for putting it all together!

We started with a boggle to occupy time whilst waiting for everyone to arrive, I wasn't too sure about what it was, but the sixth formers allocated to each table were very helpful in describing our tasks.

Firstly, we were given a 'Maths Snake' you had some questions and the last number to one of the answers will be the first number to the next. These questions were split into odd and even so in our team of 4 one pair were given odd and one were given even this way you could do your questions then give it to the other team for them to check it. 

We had a random spot prize next, I enjoyed this quite a lot, the question was if you added all the figures from question 1 what number did you get, it was great fun talking (arguing) with our team about this.

Then we had an 'Ordering Round' we started on a sheet ordering number from smallest to largest essentially, but you had to find out what the number was through a question, this was a great team building exercise because you had to pass it round after a certain amount of time, really building the team.

In between these rounds we were supplied with some shortbread biscuits and squash which were lovely.  

Last but certainly not least we had a code round! This was my favourite, we were given a wide array of different puzzles, working them out would give us a symbol then using a code sheet we'd find out the allocated letter if you found all of the letter it would spell out a maths related word.

Finally, Mr Cox had taken in our teaser sheets (a sudoku given to us prior) then picked sheets at random, picking one child from every school to win a prize.

Our team came 8th overall with 83 points but we still all enjoyed it very much.

I'd like to say a big congratulations to Stradbroke high for coming 1st place with 126 points!

IMG 20220706 131141IMG 20220706 131212 1IMG 20220706 131328IMG 20220706 131345IMG 20220706 133239IMG 20220706 133328IMG 20220706 142814IMG 20220706 142819IMG 20220706 142836IMG 20220706 142850IMG 20220706 144240Overall, I know that we all thoroughly enjoyed it! So, thank you very much to everyone involved in the development in the making of this day. 


Toby Clark (Year 9)

Attleborough Academy 

Written by Toby Clark
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