Year 10 Step-Up Day

Posted on 24th Jun 2022

Year 10 Step Up Day took place on 24 June and is the day in our academic calendar when we select the 'best of the best'! Step Up day is the process where we pick our Senior Prefect team, those students who will transition into year 11 and lead the student body. Students were invited to attend by their House Leaders and Form Tutors after demonstrating that they can consistently meet the high expectations of the Academy. 

Students would spend the first hour working in teams to complete some team building activities lead by Mr Stott. There was a brief introduction into the four phases of developing team cohesion: forming, storming, norming & performing. House leaders Mr Martin, Mr Frost & Mr Needs were on hand to observe the students and note any outstanding contributors. 

The second hour began with a presentation from the principal, Mr McShane, on what is good and bad leadership. This provided great food for thought and opportunity for students to reflect on their own styles and opinions of leadership. The final tasks involved some public speaking in front of peers, discussing how to deal with potential scenarios and a personal skills audit. 

All students involved did themselves proud and those selected have already begun leading duties and supporting Year 6 open evening events. We have a brilliant Senior Prefect team moving into the next academic year and we wish them all the best of luck.


Kind Regards


Mr Stott

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