Curriculum Enhancement Week - Birds

Posted on 30th Jun 2022

Let’s talk about the Birds and the Bees

After last year’s success at studying Bee’s, as part of Mr Seymour’s continuing theme of Biodiversity and raising the profile of the importance of organisms in our environment this year we focused on the birds.

Students were tasked with learning the names of 10 common UK garden birds and how to identify them from the colour of their feathers and shapes of their beaks. Using these newly discovered skills, students were then challenged to find common UK birds whist carrying out a hedgerow survey around the school field.

After this, to encourage birds into their gardens at home, students made environmentally friendly pine cone fat balls that they could take home and hang in their gardens to attract more birds.

Mr Seymour would love to see any photos of birds in your gardens so please send them to

If you would like to know more about the importance of birds and what you can do to help their numbers grow visit or if you would like to have a go at making a fat ball for your garden visit




Written by J Seymour
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