Sports Day

Posted on 11th Jul 2022

Finally, after two years off we were able to host Sports Day 2022. Next year the PE department will see a shift in teaching from a Sports Driven model to a Concept Curriculum where students will be working on transferable concepts through sport and where better to kick this off than with Sports Day.

We aimed to get 100% participation in sports day rather than its usual 5-10%. Prior to the day all students signed up to an activity they would like to participate in for their hour. These included rounders, cricket, athletics, badminton, maximum row, ski bike and run/walk.

The emphasis of the day was about being part of a team and contributing to that team to help gain points. Bonus points were also given to students who demonstrated our schools core value of CARE (Commitment to their team, Acknowledgment of others in their team, Respect for the opposition and Excellence in their activity) and these bonus points played a big part in the overall scoring for the day.

The atmosphere amongst all of the groups was amazing and it was great to see so many of our students being active.

Period 5 saw the whole school out on the field to watch their Houses compete in the relays. This was again a change from existing years with relay teams being made up of two females and two males, making the lead swap several times in each race.

Well done to KETT house who took both the Junior and Senior cups for the day, being awarded lots of bonus points throughout the day demonstrating great team work.

Roll on 2023 – Even Bigger, Even Better!

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