DofE Bronze Expedition - July

Posted on 10th Jul 2022

The final DofE Bronze Expedition Team embarked on their expedition on what felt like the hottest weekend of the year. They coped really well with the heat, pausing often to take breaks and have their water bottles refilled.

Whilst walking, they were trying to guess where their Assessor may be hiding to observe them, stopping every so often to talk to a ditch or a hedge where they were convinced he had hidden himself - much to his amusement as he was observing them every step of the way!

The team developed their skills as they progressed and were very proud of themselves for not getting lost on the first day which was, apart from the heat, enjoyably uneventful. Day 2 dawned, with a few more surprises in store.

The supervising team learned some tricks from the Assessor and practised their camouflage skills, casually observing the students as they progressed on their way. At one point, the team passed, oblivious to the hidden adults and carried on with the adults following in stealth mode.

There were a couple of moments of excitement when encountering not one, but two fields of bovine friends. Mr Kent dutifully and skilfully stepped into the role of 'bullock whisperer' ensuring the safe passage of the team, Mrs Neil and Mrs Bisley (who were a little apprehensive) across the field. The team were 'rescued' from the second group, consisting of cows with calves by the Assessor, who took them on a diverted trek through undergowth in true Bear Grylls fashion.

Very many congratulations to the team of five Year 10 students who took everything in their stride and completed their expedition on time, without getting lost and combatting the heat - they should be justifiably proud of themselves.







Written by Sue Bisley
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