Forensics Club

Posted on 1st Jul 2022

Between November and February, the Science Faculty ran Forensics club. We looked different ways of dusting and lifting fingerprints, as well as carrying out several other forensic tests. We tested blood to find its blood group, performed chromatography on different samples of ink and used microscopes to investigate different fibres from mock crime scenes.

The main focus of Forensics Club was for students to design and carry out their own investigation. The students decided that they would like to investigate fingerprints and they carried out experiments to answer questions such as which surfaces are the best for retaining fingerprints and are fingerprints washed away by rain.

We received a grant from STEMPOINT East which paid for our students to have their projects entered into the CREST Award scheme and I am pleased to announce that all of the completed projects were successful. As a result, our students will receive a nationally recognised Bronze CREST Award. Well done to all our Forensics Club students!

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