A-Level Geography Southwold Trip

Posted on 1st Nov 2022

A-Level Geography Southwold Trip 

Our A-Level Geographers had a wonderful time out at Southwold doing data collection for their Non-Examined Assessments. The four, very tall, students bundled quite cosily into Mrs Moss's tiny car for the adventure, where they collected primary data on environmental quality, gentrification and sense of place. We were assisted by Chris Webster from the Geography Fieldwork Academy, who gave the students an overview of the geographical issues in the town. Students walked through the town centre, along the promenade and finished with a pleasant view of the town from the end of the pier. Since our return, students have been busy typing up their findings and have compared results to those collected in Attleborough town centre as well. Overall, a lovely day was had, the addition of fish and chips looking out to sea obviously helped! 

Written by F Moss
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