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Posted on 16th Dec 2022

Why is Science, Mathematics and Technology important to us? 

Every day, people around the world use Science, Maths and Technology for many different things. Some use it to relax and have fun whereas for others it is a part of their job.  

Even something basic like the water we drink requires the involvement of a vast amount of people. Scientists and Engineers design and operate the infrastructure to ensure that we have clean water every time we turn the tap on. This is all underpinned by the science, technology, and maths behind it. 

Doctors and Scientists research different illnesses looking to work out how to make us better. Our life expectancy today is far higher than it has ever been, meaning great innovations have been made. We have created medical equipment such as heart rate monitors, to allow us to test our bodies for problems. We can identify whether something is good or bad and take steps to fix the problem. 

The climate crisis is very much caused by science and technology but can also be fixed by those principles. We have found ways to feed those living without destroying others forms of life. We are using these principles to try and fix problems influenced by climate change such as droughts and floods. 

We use maths every day for many things such as shopping. It allows us to perform basic sums to work things out. Our world is made up of numbers. With rapidly increasing technological advances, humans pave a new world using maths to create new devices. 

Maths is especially important when creating devices. Computers run on codes such as binary which only uses the numbers 1 and 0. When programming we use these codes and that is when maths may come into play. 

All life on Earth comes from Biology. We, as humans, are made up of cells. Physics explains the forces of the world, why we are attached to the ground and do not float off on Earth but do on the moon. Chemistry explains how chemicals and materials are such an important part of our world. There are investigations going on to improve how we live and how our world adapts. 

They are important to all of us. Science, Maths and Technology underpins our lives. These things are all vital to our survival. It is the key to everything we do! 

By Eleanor Sangster


The role that mathematics plays in the world.

There are many things that we use maths for in the world including

  • Distance charts, we use distance charts to make sure we know how far we need to travel
  • Money, we need to know how to give change and count money
  • Charts and tables, we need to know how to make charts so we can plot things in science
  • Measuring ingredients, we need to know how to measure ingredients so cooking comes out right

And many more...

So, maths plays a huge role in the world from distance charts to measuring ingredients. If we did not have maths, we would not be able to do simple things every day. We use maths all the time and I bet most people do not even notice that they are doing it.

Written by F Moss
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