Year 11 Geography Fieldwork Days 

Posted on 14th Dec 2022

A large group of 60, Year 11 Geographers completed two days of fieldwork in the last week of term to contribute towards their GCSE.  

One of the wonderful things about studying Geography is that you get to take trips to the seaside, for the Year 11s this year it meant a visit to Cromer. Alas, this was not for a sunbathing session (the good old British winter weather saw a swift end to that!), rather it was an opportunity for them to collect data on beach profiles, sediment, and wave characteristics. The groups worked well in teams and at the end of the day they worked so well there was a chance to get a portion of chips to treat themselves.  

On the second day trip, Year 11s went out to Norwich, they explored the city looking for patterns of change and evidence of its dynamic nature. Teams started from four separate locations around the edge of the city and converged at The Forum. Along their routes they collected data on land use, traffic counts and environmental quality. We then returned to the Academy to do further secondary research. Over both days the students worked extremely well to collect their data with accuracy and enjoyed the opportunity to work independently outside of the classroom.  

Written by F Moss
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